Thank you for taking the time to fill out this short questionnaire. The JHCP Research Department looks forward to collaborating with you on your research project. Please feel free to reach out to someone on our team for help with this form, questions about participating with JHCP or to talk strategy about research implementation at any of our sites. We are here to help!

Johns Hopkins Community Physicians, INC. (JHCP)
Research Director: Wendy Bennett, MD, MPH
Research Program Manager: Sarah Rubin srubin19@jhmi.edu
Research Program Coordinator: Kate Holzhauer kholzha1@jhu.edu

What to Expect:
After submitting this form a member of the study team will contact you.
Then, your study will be reviewed by the JHCP Research and Projects Committee. The goal of this review is to ensure the success of your project by facilitating collaboration between your research team and JHCP sites.

We are looking forward to working with you!

JHCP Research and Projects Committee

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