The purpose of this research study to understand the impact of varsity sports on sleep patterns in student athletes. We will compare sleep patterns in student athletes (how much they sleep, when they sleep and how broken their sleep is) and similar non-athlete students. We will also examine the relationship between these sleep patterns with sports performance, including lap times, race times and average movement speed, and injury rates. If you decide to participate in this study, we will collect information on your sleep in the following ways:

1. Questionnaires

2. A sleep log

3. An electronic sleep monitor called the Under Armour Band, which synchronizes to an internet based server. We will also ask for your permission to collect data on your sports performance.

We are recruiting pairs of athlete and non-althlete students matched by sex, major and year in school.

This survey will serve to identify students who would be interested and eligibile to participate in this study. Your completion of this implies that you allow the research team to use the information you provided to determine your eligibility for the study and to identify a matching athlete or non-athlete student.

If you meet selection criteria and we are able to identify a match for you, a study team member will contact you to ask for your participation in the study. If we cannot identify a match, however, your participation may end, once you have completed the survey.

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