Thank you for your interest in pregnancy research studies at the Johns Hopkins Women’s Mood Disorders! We are currently recruiting pregnant women with and without histories of mood and anxiety disorders for two research studies that investigate the role of biological factors such as genetics, epigenetics, reproductive hormones, and the immune system in mood and anxiety symptoms during pregnancy and postpartum. Participants will be seen by video conference from four to eight times over the course of 15 months, and we will send kits to your home to allow you to self-collect biological samples including urine, saliva, dried blood spots at each visit. Participants are compensated for their time, and can earn between $100 and $225 for participation.

Your taking part in this survey is completely voluntary. Completing the survey serves as your consent for us to ask the questions contained in the survey.

Whether or not you join one of the studies, the information collected today may be seen by researchers at Johns Hopkins, any sponsor of the studies, and those responsible for oversight of the studies. We try to make sure that the information we collect from you is kept private and used only for the research studies we are discussing. If are do not qualify to be in a study, or if you choose not to enroll, we will not keep your personal information. If you do not take the survey, it will not affect your current or future care at Johns Hopkins.

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